Because we love animals, our company, La Ferme de Mont Choisy created the pleasure department


in 2004 to offer to tourists as well as Mauritians an activity in high demand .

Do learn that the Compagnie sucrière of Mont Choisy was formed nearly 2 centuries ago with the first sugarcane plantations on part of its lands in 1820. In 1875, the plantation of aloe vera is substituted to that of sugarcane due to the proliferation of diseases from successive droughts. Aloe vera, a robust plant having leaves up to 2 metres in height was then used in the making of jute bags famous for their strength and useful to carry sugar safely. The building with its other quarters, the chimney and the limekiln that surround you are the last vestiges of that past era. The plain of Mont Choisy, which extends in front of you and bears its name because of the vastness that stretches from the sugarcane fields to the beach, was once the stage to epic horse races in 1891 and the results were communicated to the inhabitants of Port Louis by the means of communication that was most reliable at the time, at true ancestor to the internet: the homing pigeon! More recently, in 1933, it is the legendary wings of a plane and its pilots who used this space to land and allow the delivery of letters “By air mail” from Reunion Island, thus establishing the first inter-island air links. A monument is dedicated in honour of these pioneers: it is still visible today in this memorial place.

Those who love culture and an atmosphere of relaxation must make a detour to the farm of Mont Choisy / Horse riding delights. This should not be missed.